Can this venture philanthropist save our schools?,

ARK brings together passionate experts with the best talent from business to deliver its vision on the ground under the leadership of its Board of Trustees.

at 11:50.Originally a grant-making organisation,August 2005(296KB PDF).Directors,2012.Sally Morgan(Baroness Morgan of Huyton),Issue 40,2018.Mission,Content is available underCreative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike.UNISON Companies Update,2009.This page was last edited on 27 March 2018,organizational web page,accessed July 8,accessed March 25,Absolute Return for Kids,Absolute Return for Kids,ARKs delivery model was changed to maximise its impact and ensure strong accountability. ARK deploys the funds it raises by setting up and managing its own teams who are responsible for implementing its programmes.SourceWatch is a project of the Center for Media and Democracy (CMD).ARKGlobal Board,(former) Advisor to the Boardaccessed March 27,accessed March 25,organizational web page,2009.ARKWho,

Ark has raised over 150m over the past decade, helping the lives of 200,000 children from eastern Europe to southern Africa, India and the UK, through projects focused on education, health and combating child abuse. TheDuke of Cambridgeannounced a new venture between Ark and theFoundation of Prince William and Prince Harryto support young people in the UK and Africa. It was also announced that Ark is launching a large diarrhoea vaccination and treatment programme in Zambia, a country where the disease is the second biggest killer of under-fives in Africa. It has pledged 1m for the project, an amount which the UK government has agreed to match.2

ARKs chairman is French hedge fund tycoon. However, ARKs connections with the hedge fund industry go deeper than the background of its chairman. Unusually for an educational charity, ARK chose the journalHedgeFund Intelligenceto advertise in late 2005 for a Programmes Director and Communications and Fundraising Director. The advertisement stated that ARKs trustees [are] drawn predominantly from within the hedge fund industry.[2]

Patrons, Absolute Return for Kids, accessed March 25, 2009.

Charles Abani- former Managing Director, International

A charity funded with millions made in City fund dealing wants to develop a network of city academies in the UK, modelled on American charter schools. The ludicrously named Absolute Return for Kids (ARK) has no experience of running education services in the UK and was recently thrown off an academy scheme in Islington North, London in June after the governors of one of the schools involved voted against.[3](296KB PDF)

Ian Wace – Chairman;Arpad A. Busson(Arki) – Founding Chairman; Paul Dunning, Lord Fink, Kevin Gundle, Paul Marshall, Jennifer Moses,Michael PlattBlaine Tomlinson, Anthony Williams

An August 2005 bulletin published by the public sector unionUNISONdescribed ARK in unflattering terms:

(ARK) is an international charity whose purpose is to transform childrens lives.

efinancialnewsA-listers gather to celebrate Ark milestone, organizational web page, accessed July 12, 2012.

Founded in 2002 by a group of leaders in the alternative investment industry, pooling their skills and resources to improve the life chances of children, ARK delivers high social returns on philanthropic investment.

The cream of the hedge fund industry gathered last night with royalty, rock stars and a host of celebrities to help childrens charity Absolute Return for Kids celebrate its tenth anniversary….The event, which was attended by more than 1,000 guests, raised 17.2m, beating the 14.1m that was raised last year and the 15.6m at the 2009 gala. However, it did not quite match the 25m-plus that was raised in 2007 and 2008….Other attendees included hedge fund hotshotsLouis Bacon, founder of Moore Capital Management, Winton Capital Management founderDavid Hardingand GLG founderPierre Lagrange. And among the celebrity guests wereElizabeth HurleyKevin SpaceyDavid FurnishTom FordandColin Firth.

Employing over 1,200 staff directly and through partners, ARKs programmes are highly focused on meeting pre-defined strategic goals in the areas of HIV/AIDS (South Africa, Mozambique), Education (UK, India) and Children in Care (Eastern Europe).1