PowerShell Conference Europe opens for the 5th time in Hannover,Germany. Here is a quick walkthrough forParsing Failover Cluster Validation Report in PowerShellConverting a PowerShell Project to use Azure DevOps Pipelines2020,Calendarific offers a webservice for listing holidays from different countries. They also have an API that can be used by developersIn any method of automation secrets management is a very critical part. You wouldnt want to store the plain-text credentialsIf you have ever worked with the Test-Cluster command in the failover clustering module,you will know that this commandJune 2,

PowerShell wrapper around the Calendarific API

In the last two or three months, I have been busy working on a complete end to end deployment automation

PowerShell Conference Asia 2019 was held in Bangalore (India). It was such a great event and fun hosting it here.