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(7 examples with alignment)arbitratedSee examples containingarbitrable

Par ailleurs, il a recouvr pacifiquement ses îles par le biaisdun arbitrageinternational.It also peacefully regained its islands by internationalarbitration.arbitrationToutes les conditions fondamentalesdun arbitrageconforme au droit international taient donc manifestement remplies.Thus, it is obvious that all the essential elementsfor establishing arbitrationin accordance with international law were fulfilled.for establishing arbitrationin accordance with international law were fulfilled.>

(2 examples with alignment)of adjudicationSee examples containingarbitrated

it will reduce the riskofregulatoryarbitrage.ofregulatoryarbitrageBurchill dcouledun arbitragede griefs.Burchill stemsfrom agrievancearbitration.from agrievancearbitrationFAIR Canada appuie la rforme des rgles concernant les commissions pour recommandation et toute tentative de rsolutiondun arbitragerglementaire.FAIR Canada supports reforming the rules regarding referral fees and trying to address regulatoryarbitrage.arbitrageLes dcisions rendues dans le cadredun arbitragedu CIRDI sont finales.Decisions rendered underanICSIDarbitrationare effectively final.anICSIDarbitrationare effectively final.>(4 examples with alignment)a trade-offSee examples containingarbitrageLe dfendeur a fait appel dune dcision visant suspendre son action en jugement dclaratoire au profitdun arbitrage.The respondent appealed from a decision to stay its declaratory action in favourof arbitration.of arbitrationLe demandeur a fait appel dune dcision de suspension de procdure en faveurdun arbitrage,Une erreur de droit commise dans le contextedun arbitragedoit tre juridictionnelle pour donner ouverture au contrôle judiciaire.Error of law inan arbitrationmust be jurisdictional in nature to be subject to judicial review.an arbitrationmust be jurisdictional in nature to be subject to judicial review.>Le Grand Khan propose des pourparlers pour viter une plus grande tragdie et discuterdun arbitragepacifique.The Great Khan offers a parley to avert further tragedy and discuss peacefularbitration.arbitrationJe pense que nous avons besoindun arbitrage.I think we needa hearing to establish.a hearing to establishLes parties contractantes peuvent porter tout litige concernant lapplication ou linterprtation du prsent accord devant une instance comptente en vuedun arbitrage.The Contracting Parties may refer any dispute on the application or interpretation of this Agreement forarbitration bya competent organisation.arbitration bya competent organisation.>(2 examples with alignment)to adjudicationSee examples translated byof adjudicationLenquteur correctionnel du Canada fait tat de la ncessitdun arbitrageindpendant.The Correctional Investigator of Canada has articulated the needforindependentadjudication.forindependentadjudicationEn mme temps,rendue en vertu de larticle 8 1) de la LTA.The plaintiff appealed against the grant of a stay of proceedings in favourof arbitrationissued on the basis of article 8 (1) MAL.of arbitrationissued on the basis of article 8 (1) MAL.>(38 examples with alignment)of arbitrationSee examples translated byto adjudicationcela permettra de rduire le risquedun arbitragerglementaire.At the same time,

Le diffrend qui opposait les parties devait faire lobjetdun arbitrageconformment la Loi type.The parties were involved in a dispute which was properly the subjectof arbitrationunder the Model Law.of arbitrationunder the Model Law.>

(2 examples with alignment)adjudicativeOther translationsSuggestionsfaire lobjet dun arbitrageElledonne aux tribunaux moins de pouvoir discrtionnaire pour intervenir dans la conduite ou le rsultatdun arbitrage.It gives the courts less discretion to intervene in the conduct or resultof arbitration.of arbitrationFI et CM ont interjet appel dune dcision accordant une suspension de la procdure en faveurdun arbitrage.FI and CM appealed from a decision granting a stay of proceedings in favourof arbitration.of arbitrationUne telle entrave constitue un risque srieux un intrt public important dans le contextedun arbitrageen labsence dautres mesures raisonnables pouvant carter ce risque.This interference is a serious risk to an important public interest in the contextof adjudicationwhere reasonably alternative measures will not prevent the risk.of adjudicationwhere reasonably alternative measures will not prevent the risk.>

Le diffrend est rgl dans le cadredun arbitrageexcutoire.Disputes are resolved through bindingarbitration.arbitrationLe diffrend frontalier pourra alors tre rgl pacifiquement, au moyendun arbitragesi besoin est.The border dispute can then be resolved peacefully througharbitration, if necessary.arbitration, if necessary.>

(2 examples with alignment)of an adjudicationSee examples containingadjudicative

(4 examples with alignment)arbitrableSee examples containinga trade-off

(3 examples with alignment)arbitrageSee examples containingof an adjudication

Linvention concerne un rseau AMRT multicanaux dotdun arbitragebas sur la priorit.A multi-channel TDMA network having priority basedarbritationis provided.arbritationis provided.>

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