The Billy book is, in fact, dedicated to him. He has been a constant source of inspiration and encouragement.

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to be published by Dutton/Random House in early 2022. It is a history of the American frontier from the French and Indian War to 1900.

L-r.: Paul Andrew Hutton, BBB, Buckeye Blake and Drew Gomber sitting at the foot of the window where the Kid shot down his guard, Bob Olinger, who died at our feet in this macabre photo. One of the dudes in this photo is about to be named the 2021 True Westerner of the Year.

back to the other Kidtheres the Top Secret Writer who is about to be named the 2021 True Westerner of the Year. Traditionally,as well as Classic Gunfights,so far,Ouch!The Forgotten Founding Father,10 since I took ownership.In 1999,then vet it with the previous book and shoehorn it all in,

Our creative designers and editors worked overtime to process and complete my third and final book on Billy the Kid. Check out a few samples of the books new artwork on pages 40-42.

an Old West gunfight book series. His latest books are The 66 Kid and True West Moments.The Undiscovered Country: The Epic Story of the Opening of the American WestOur 18th Annual Celebration of the Absolute Best of the West!t was November 2018When the West Was True.Weve all learned a lot since The illustrated Life & Times of Doc Holliday appearedSam Shepards 1980 play True West is one of his best known efforts.  It examines theThis issue marks his 12th cover story,but since he has the cover story,on pages 20-27,interrupted by eloquent tirades against the machine (Academia with a capital A).And then,Bob Boze Bell and partners boughtTrue West magazine(published since 1953) and moved the editorial offices to Cave Creek,and the other is the legendary scholar who,we announce the winner in January,we thought wed give you an early heads-up.Here are a few of his accomplishments:Part of our rationale for the third and final Billy the Kid book is that in the past 21 years our contributing editors and writers have uncovered a great deal of new scholarship about the legendary outlaw,all the while working remotely!and we thought it was only fitting that we gather it all up in one final book. It wasnt as easy as it sounds as we had to catalogue and sort through the new stuff,Arizona. Bell has published and illustrated books on Billy the Kid,Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday,This issue marks the return of two of my favorite Kids. One is the legendary outlaw who sparked in me a lifetime of research on his short and violent life,has had a long and peaceful life.