Arbitrage yieldrestriction and rebate requirement: Arbitrage occurs when tax-exempt bond proceeds are invested and subsequently yield an investment return greater than the yield on the bonds.

Arbitrage yield, when used in computing the present worth of all payments of principal and interest on the Bonds in the manner prescribed by the Internal Revenue Code, produces an amount equal to the issue price of the Bonds.

Managed Futures,Fixed Income Arbitrage (yield curve arbitrage or corporate spread arbitrage),and Total return.means the interest rate percentage representing the percentage of earnings on a bond issue. The arbitrage yield on a bond issue must be calculated in accordance with highly specific and detailed federal tax rules. The arbitrage yield is used as the limit on the yield that may be earned on bond funds that are required to be yield-restricted.Arbitrage yieldlimitations reduce the benefit of obtaining higher yields.The portion of the bonds of a multipurpose issue reasonably allo- cated to any separate purpose under this paragraph (h) is treated as a sepa- rate issue for all purposes of section 148 except the following(i)Arbitrage yield.Click here to search for within Arbitrage yield DefinitionsTaxable Equivalent of the Short-Term Municipal Bond RateDistressed Securities,Multi-strategy,Global Macro,Volatility arbitrage,Equity Market Neutral,Take-over / merger arbitrage,Alternative investments strategies may pursue the following strategies: Equity Long / Short,Convertible Arbitrage,