Does this mean that he got away with everything he did wrong?

Probably, hell patch over things with the wife and daughter and carry on, but he was already weary of the life and had wanted to sell out so he could have signed over to the daughter control and eased out. Flip a coin. But the cop issue was over.

At the end everything was fine, and everything was definitely not fine.

Not only did he get away with all of it, he even got an award!

Robert Miller is scum (he knows it too) and deserves to pay for his crimes/sins, but Im not complaining, as Jimmy didnt end up paying for Roberts FU. Not only did Jimmy get off the hook, but he got $2 million. Basically, it worked out for everybody…except for Julie.

Maybe they ran out of money to pay Richard Gere and decided to end the movie there. I was expecting the mother of the dead girl to show up, after getting a visit from the bitter cop who told her everything, and for her to make a huge scene. That would have been an ending!

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