The following table of finance movies provides solid entertainment on the subject of finance, trading and Wall Street. Why not sit back and relax from a hard days trading and enjoy one of these classic titles.

This finance movie list caters to private investors & individual traders and moviegoers from all walks of life. They are entertaining, humorous and at times even educational. We cover genres such as documentaries especially investigations surrounding the financial crises of 2007-2008. There are also films based on true stories (with the usual Hollywood embellishments) and movies of pure fiction. These are labeled to help your movie selection.You may even find some of these titles available from ourMerger Arbitrage & Investment Book List. The final column shows the user review ratings onAmazonout of a maximum of 5.

These films are a must have AND a must see for all traders as well as avid theatregoers.We have personally viewed all the titles on ourtop 25 finance movie list.We will be adding more of our own reviews in the near future. However, for more immediate information you can click on the image or the movie title link. Amazon gives a number of reviews as well as thelatest price and availability for purchase. Alternatively, if your prefer, you can rent the movie via theAmazon Primeservice. If you decide to follow any of these links and make aqualifying Amazon purchase, we will receive an associate commission. This is greatly appreciated and goes towards the cost of maintaining this site.

Asthis movie list is constantly expanding,be sure to check back regularly for new additions. Viewers can sort the table of movies by title, date of cinematic release, genre or rating.

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