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The absolute return or simply return is a measure of the gain or loss on an investment portfolio expressed as a percentage of invested capital. The adjective absolute is used to stress the distinction with the relative return measures often used by long-only equity funds

Investors, MrCouvrecellesays, are more and morelookingforabsolutereturn.

Thatmaybebetterthanequitiesbutis hardlytheabsolutereturn the industry promised.

For example,abighedge-fundcharity,AbsoluteReturnforKids, is planning a more modest annual dinnerthis yearbecause theindustryhasshrunk.

So,70% of the portfolio is inabsolutereturn, real assets,private equity, alternatives–broadly defined.

When you look at each of those individual asset classes -domestic equities, foreign equities, bonds, real assets,absolutereturnand private equity -each of those individual asset classes is going to be relatively well-diversified in terms of exposures to individual positions or individual securities.


There is areturnto these kinds of theoretical defences of absolutism that even preceded the growth of theabsolutestate as Ive described it.

Such funds throw around terms like risk parity, equity long-short, market neutral andabsolutereturn.

TheAbsoluteReturnDistressed Index has produced a medianreturnof 10.58% through October.

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Wall Street noticed that success and firms have been heavily marketingabsolutereturnmutual funds.

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