The 2019 Preqin Global Hedge Fund League Tables showcase the top performing hedge funds over 2018, the largest managers globally, the investors operating the biggest hedge fund portfolios and the industrys leading service providers.

Using comprehensive data fromPreqin Pro, the League Tables provide a definitive ranking of the leading players in the hedge fund industry right now.

Bridgewater Associatesmanages $162.9bn in assets under management (AUM) and remains the largest hedge fund manager in the world.

Abu Dhabi Investment Authoritycurrently allocates the largest amount of capital ($51.2bn) to hedge funds.

Spartan Fund ManagementsLSQ Fundwas the top performing hedge fund in 2018, returning a net +99.76% for the year.

Download the data pack to access the extensive 2019 League Tables. For more information on how the hedge fund industry performed over 2018, and where hedge funds are headed in 2019, please refer to the2019 Preqin Global Hedge Fund Report.

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