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Setting Zero Return on any CNC machine can some times be difficult. Some machine tool builders have their own way to set zero return through their own side of the control. So, double check with the machine tool builder if at all possible. Here is a basic procedure that will work on some mitsubishi controls. The mitsubishi manual that came with your machine tool usually has a very accurate procedure in it if you are in question on which one to us.

TheZ70 ABS ALARMtells you that the axis has lost home position. Ether you have week batteries, bumped a cable, changed a parameter or disconnected the encoder cable or connection to the motor.

Manually move the axis you are working on to where you believe home position should be(If you are not sure were it should be do not do this procedure).

Jog the axis in question negative until the [STATE] on the [ABS-SRV] page 2/2 screen reads OK (with a Z70 alarm active, this screen will read NG under [STATE]

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