is that which is independent of context-dependent interpretation, inviolate, fundamental

As an adjectiveabsoluteis (obsolete) absolved; free.

As a verbreturnisto come or go back (to a place or person).

(obsolete) Disengaged from accidental circumstances.

(grammar) Not immediately dependent on the other parts of the sentence; as

(of a case form) syntactically connected to the rest of the sentence in an atypical manner; ablative absolute; nominative absolute; genitive absolute; accusative absolute.

standing by itself in a loose syntactical connection, and qualifying the sentence as a whole rather than any single word in it.

(of an adjective or possessive pronoun) lacking a modified substantive.

(comparative, superlative) expressing a relative term without a definite comparison.

Older in An older person should be treated with respect.

(Irish, Welsh) an inflected verb that is not preceded by any number of articles or compounded with a preverb.

Unrestricted; in sole control; possessing absolute power; independent, as in ownership or authority.

(figurative) Complete; utter; outright; unmitigated; entire; total; not qualified or diminished in any way; unrestricted; without limitation.

Unconditional; free from any conditions, limitations, and relations;

having unlimited power, without limits set by a constitution, parliament, or other means.

proceeding from or characteristic of an absolute ruler.

(archaic) Certain; free from doubt or uncertainty, as a person or prediction.

Free from conditional limitations; operating or existing in full under all circumstances without variation.

(philosophy) Existing, able to be thought of, or able to be viewed without relation to other things.

rights and duties are such as pertain to man in a state of nature as contradistinguished from relative rights and duties, or such as pertain to him in his social relations.

To Cusa we can indeed articulately trace, word and thing, the recent philosophy of

The peddler stopped, and tapped her on the head, With

(philosophy) Fundamental; ultimate; intrinsic; free from the variability and error natural to the human way of thinking and perception.

(physics) Independent of arbitrary units of measurement not comparative or relative as,

having reference to or derived from the simplest manner from the fundamental units of mass, time, and length.

relating to the absolute temperature scale.

(legal) Complete; unconditional; final; without encumbrances; not liable to change or cancellation.

(education) Pertaining to a grading system based on the knowledge of the individual and not on the comparative knowledge of the group of students.

(art) Concerned entirely with expressing beauty and feelings, lacking meaningful reference.

(dance) Utilizing the body to express ideas, independent of music and costumes.

(math) Indicating an expression that is true for all real number; unconditional.

* ablative absolute * absolute address * absolute curvature * absolute equation * absolute magnitude * absolute majority * absolute monarchy * absolute music * absolute pitch * absolute power * absolute space * absolute term * absolute temperature * absolute value * absolute zero

* categorical, unconditional, unlimited, unrestricted * (

able to be viewed without relation to other things

able to be viewed without relation to other things

* absolution * absoluteness * absolutize * absolutization

That which is independent of context-dependent interpretation, inviolate, fundamental.

(geometry) In a plane, the two imaginary circular points at infinity; in space of three dimensions, the imaginary circle at infinity.

(philosophy, usually capitalized) A realm which exists without reference to anything else; that which can be imagined purely by itself; absolute ego.

Sebastian, Faber & Faber 2004 (Avignon Quintet

Withdrawn as a Buddha he sat, watching the alien world from his perch in the

(philosophy, usually capitalized) The unity of spirit and nature; God.

(philosophy, usually capitalized) The whole of reality; the totality to which everything is reduced.

Concentrated natural flower oil, used for perfumes.

), chapter=4 , passage=The Celebrity, by arts unknown, induced Mrs. Judge Short and two other ladies to call at Mohair on an afternoon when Mr. Cooke was trying a trotter on the track. The three

wondering and charmed with Mrs. Cooke; they were sure she had had no hand in the furnishing of that atrocious house.

with a constable, Timothy, who was on the point of exhaustion, prepared to give over to him gratefully. The newcomer turned out to be a powerful youngster, fully trained and eager to help, and he stripped off his tunic at once.

To go back in thought, narration, or argument.

and as for me, seyde Sir Cador, I had lever dye this day that onys to turne my bak.

*:Whan Kyng Marke harde hym sey that worde, he

To give something back to its original holder or owner.

To take something back to a retailer for a refund.

To give in requital or recompense; to requite.

(tennis) To bat the ball back over the net in response to a serve.

(card games) To play a card as a result of another players lead.

(cricket) To throw a ball back to the wicket-keeper (or a fielder at that position) from somewhere in the field.

*:Ah my good friend, I do look out! the young man

while Maisie helped herself afresh to bread and butter.

(computing) To relinquish control to the calling procedure.

(computing) To pass (data) back to the calling procedure.

upon me, that I affect to be thought more impartial than I am.

*:And all the people answered together,and Moses

(by extension, UK) To elect according to the official report of the election officers.

), chapter=2 , passage=I had occasion [] to make a somewhat long business trip to Chicago, and on my

[] I found Farrar awaiting me in the railway station. He smiled his wonted fraction by way of greeting, [], and finally leading me to his buggy, turned and drove out of town. I was completely mystified at such an unusual proceeding.

An item that is returned, e.g. due to a defect, or the act of returning it.

An account, or formal report, of an action performed, of a duty discharged, of facts or statistics, etc.; especially, in the plural, a set of tabulated statistics prepared for general information.

The fruit from many days of recreation is very little; but from these few hours we spend in prayer, the

* quote-news, year=2012, date=April 22, author=Sam Sheringham, work=BBC Sport

, passage=Liverpool have now won only five of their 17 home league games this season. It is a poor

for a team of Liverpools pedigree and resources but, once again, Kenny Dalglishs team were the instigators of their own downfall as chance after chance went begging.

* quote-magazine, date=2013-07-06, volume=408, issue=8843, page=68, magazine=(

, passage=Investors face a quandary. Cash offers a

of virtually zero in many developed countries; government-bond yields may have risen in recent weeks but they are still unattractive. Equities have suffered two big bear markets since 2000 and are wobbling again. It is hardly surprising that pension funds, insurers and endowments are searching for new sources of

(taxation, finance): A report of income submitted to a government for purposes of specifying exact tax payment amounts. A tax return.

(computing) The act of relinquishing control to the calling procedure.

(computing) A return value: the data passed back from a called procedure.

A short perpendicular extension of a desk, usually slightly lower.

(American football) Catching a ball after a punt and running it back towards the opposing team.

(cricket) A throw from a fielder to the wicket-keeper or to another fielder at the wicket.

The continuation in a different direction, most often at a right angle, of a building, face of a building, or any member, such as a moulding; applied to the shorter in contradistinction to the longer.

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