The best fragrances with one of the most loathed notes in all of perfumery.

A fragrance that silently says not here and not now.

Featuring Sandrinas favorite red editions and the newest bright red holiday offerings in our Holiday Joy-themed articles

Dont be Blas About It: Max Factors Great Drugstore Fragrance

Sometimes the treasures of yesterday can be reached anew.

The first niche house from Serbia, Parfums Balint, is presenting two new creations called After Rain and Sun Embrace, which have arrived after the first fragrance of the perfumer Csaba Balint, called Balifleur.

Throughout its entire development the perfume possesses an astringency that borders on the herbal and bitter that creates a moreish quality never boring and always surprising.

Some of the most beautifully illustrated gift sets for the holiday season come from Estee Lauder

A new fragrance for the Shooting Stars collection that favors gourmand aromas

The new Gold Collection by Spirit of Kings introduces eleven luxury perfumes, with each taking its name from a star or a collection of stars.

Emma Stone in a video campaign for Louis Vuitton

And also changed Silences and Jacomo de Jacomo!

Victor Wongs niche house Zoologist has announced their latest addition to the line: Bee.

Swiss house Gisada is launching the new Ambassador duo

There are not many hyacinth fragrances, but if you want to smell a real hyacinth, you should try Hermes 24, Faubourg.

…get ready to act on situations involving jealousy, envy, power games, controlling issues, and quick transformations.

The second fragrance from American model Lily Aldridge came out in November 2019 under the name Summit.

Lush offers six new exclusive perfumes as part of their Perfume Library collection in Florence.

Review of the latest Commes des Garcons Series 10 Celluloid x Galbanum.

Rubbery tuberose and beer the smell of the main festival of advanced electronic music.

Heres your lucky chance to try fragrances that are built like the solar system!

Party owners never have to search for their name on the guest lists.

Fashion house Zara collaborated with perfumer Jo Malone CBE for their new line of perfumes, already in some stores.

Vanilla, Ginger and Patchouli open a new line for the classic French brand.

The new fragrance by Mancera is a boozy gourmand, celebrating amber.

Sandrina is in a festive mood, and preparing for the Holidays!

Meo Fusciuni tells Fragrantica about his new creation 3 nota di viaggio (Ciavuru damuri) 2019

Despite its name, psy_cou is a balanced and calm fragrance that can be worn even on the ISS.

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Parfums Balint Terra Hungaria: After Rain and Sun Embrace

Dont be Blas About It: Max Factors Great Drugstore Fragrance

Hermes Brought Up a Beautiful Hyacinth With 24, Faubourg

The Mona Di Orio House Presents the New Alinea Collection

A New Line of Perfumes Named ZARA Emotions Composed by JO Malone CBE

Jacomo Transforms Jacomo For Her Inside and Out

Greenhouse Affect: Comme des Garçons Celluloid x Galbanum Reviewed

Emma Stone Promotes Louis Vuitton Cœur Battant

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