Machine absolute position data in the serial pulse coder is lost.(This alarm is issued when the serial pulse coder has been replaced or when the position feedback signal line of the serial pulse coder is detached.)

The machine position must be recorded again by using the following method:

When the reference position return function is provided

1. Perform manual reference position return only for that axis for which the alarm was issued. If another alarm is also issued, such that manual reference positioning cannot be performed, change bit 5 of parameter No. 1815 to 0, release that alarm, then perform manual reference position return.2. After performing reference position return, press the RESET key

When the reference position return function is not provided

Set the reference position without dogs to record the reference position.

The stop position at the reference position differs from the old stop position. Change the grid shift amount in parameter No. 1850, and adjust the stop position properly.

APCx0 : The position detector is an incremental pulse coder.1 : The position detector is an absolute pulse coder.

APZx The reference position for the absolute pulse coder is:0 : Not established.1 : Established.

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