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To live well you need access to basic amenities such as clean water and energy. In the developed world we take this for granted. For those living in developing countries, though, gaining access to sustainable energy sources can improve quality of life immeasurably. Solafrica is using the power of solar energy and the power of education to light up rural communities in Ethiopia.

Womanity is a partner of the Julius Baer Foundation and supports women in different parts of the world. Founder Yann Borgstedt talks about the history of his organisation, the Girls can Code project in Afghanistan and the ambassadorial role of educated women who, through their professional activities, contribute to a gradual change of mentality in this traditionally male-dominated society.

A new all-women wildlife conservation unit in Kenya is set to help turn the tide of poaching, while also changing the lives of the unit members and their families.

World rubbish is big and getting bigger, which wastes resources and harms nature. So the Julius Baer Foundation is fighting back with an initiative called RECYCLING PLUS.

Anthropologist-turned-social entrepreneur and founder of Fight for Peace, Luke Dowdney explains why he fell in love with Brazil, and how boxing and martial arts can help combat violence in one of the worlds most marginalised communities.

As trade tensions intensify, Yves Bonzon discusses the advantages of investing in China.

The pioneering Italian chef Massimo Bottura shares his thoughts on why he considers tradition a starting point, the importance of big dreams, and where he sees the future of food.

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