Hong Kong Stock Exchange Drops its Bid for London Stock Exchange. Why are we not Surprised?

Greece Sells Bonds at a Negative Yield. Should Investors be Buying?

Brookfield Sells North American Palladium to South African Firm in Unusual Deal. What Makes the Deal so Interesting?

QE4? The Fed Restarts Asset Purchases in Bid to Placate Money Markets. Why did they do it?

Broker Battle Breaks Out as Schwab Drops Commissions to Zero. How Are They Going to Make Money?

U.S. PMI Falls Below 50 in an Ominous Sign for the Global Economy. Is a Recession Imminent?

FanDuel Owner Pushes All-In with its $6 Billion Acquisition of PokerStars Parent. Whats the Strategic Rationale?

LBO Hot Potato Continues as Great Wolf Resorts Bought by a Third Leveraged Buyout Firm. Can Private Equity Still Add Value?

A Discussion on Why You Shouldnt Invest in Money-Losing Companies

Peloton Falls as Much as -15% in its Underwhelming IPO. Why Did Investors Sour on the Stock?

UFC-Owner Endeavor Pulls IPO Amidst Lackluster Demand. Why Did its IPO Flop?

WeWork CEO Fires Himself After Investors Lose Confidence in the Co-Working Companys Leader. What Led to His Downfall?

Altria and Philip Morris Call off Merger Talks as Vaping Crisis Hits Juul. Why Did the Deal Fall Apart?

Blackstone Acquires Dream Global REIT in $6.2 Billion Real Estate Deal. What Makes this Deal so Interesting?

Attack on Saudi Oil Infrastructure Takes 5% of Global Production Offline. What are the Implications?

WeWork Delays its Highly Controversial IPO. Why Did it Flop?

A Divided Fed Cuts Interest Rates as the Stock Market Nears New Highs. Why Were Some Members Against the Rate Cut?

A Discussion of the Great Short Squeeze of 2019.

Activist Hedge Fund Elliott Management Targets Conglomerate AT&T. What does the Activist Investor Want?

Business Legend T Boone Pickens Dies at 91. What Made Him so Notable?

Hong Kong Stock Exchange Goes Hostile for the London Stock Exchange. Why is this Potential Deal so Interesting?

ECB Cuts Rates and Restarts Quantitative Easing. Why did they do it?

Its a Momentum World and Youre Just Living in it. A Discussion of August Factor Performance.

Canada Notches Best Quarterly Economic Growth Since 2017. Whats Behind the Numbers?

Brexit Drama Reaches Comedic Levels as PM Boris Johnson Faces Defeat. Is Brexit Ever Going to Happen?

Investors Balk at WeWorks IPO as its Forced to Slash its Valuation. Will They Scrap the Whole Thing?

NBA Considers Creating an Investment Fund to Hold Stakes in Pro Basketball Teams. Should You Become an Owner?

Argentina Flirts With Default as it Looks to Restructure Over $100 Billion of Debt. What Happened to Argentine Bonds?

Tobacco Companies Philip Morris and Altria Confirm Merger Talks. Whats the Catalyst Behind This Deal?

Cycling Equipment Company Peloton Reveals Plans for IPO. Should Investors Buy it?

China De-Escalates Trade War as it Indicates it wont Retaliate on New U.S. Tariffs. What Happens Next?

A Discussion on the Underperformance of Small Cap Stocks.

Pembina to Acquire Kinder Morgan Canada in $2.3 Billion Deal. Whats the Strategic Rationale?

China Fires Back With Additional $75 Billion of Tariffs on U.S. Goods. Why Are They Escalating the Trade War?

U.S. PMI Falls Below 50 , Signalling Manufacturing Decline for the First Time Since 2009. Whats Driving This Slowdown?

VMWare Announces Acquisitions of Pivotal and Carbon Black. Why Did They Do These Deals?

What Should Long-Term Investors Do About The Yield Curve Inversion?

US 30-Year Bond Falls Below 2% For The First Time Ever While Other Countries Yields Go Negative. Why Are Interest Rates Falling?

Office Space Company WeWork Unveils Paperwork For its IPO. How Do Its Financials Look?

CBS Announces $30 Billion Merger With Former Subsidiary Viacom. What Was The Strategic Rationale?

U.S. Looks To De-escalate Trade War With China As it Delays Some Tariffs On Chinese Goods. What Is Their Strategy?

Air Canada Raises Its Friendly Offer For Transat By 38% From $520 Million to $720 Million. Why The Massive Increase In Purchase Price?

U.S. Labels China a Currency Manipulator as the Renminbi Hits 11-Year Low. Why Did Chinas Currency Depreciate?

Crude Oil Hits Seven-Month Low as Trade War Slows Economic Activity. Whats Driving the Price Action?

Disney Bundles Disney+, Hulu and ESPN+ at $12.99 in a Challenge to Netflix. Will it Work?

A Conversation About July Factor Performance. Which Factors Produced Alpha?

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