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Sign up forabsolutely free, with no-commitment and test our cryptocurrency arbitrage tools

Sign up for absolutely free, with no-commitment and test our cryptocurrency arbitrage tools

The Fundamental and Prime Approach to Cryptocurrency Arbitrage

Bitcoin is the buzzword that were all aware of and have heard the term doing the rounds everywhere. It is one of the most used cryptocurrencies out there. But what is it about cryptocurrency that has everyone in a frenzy? Well it is simple really, its the high profits that come through buying low and selling high. In other terms, this is known as arbitrage. Arbitrage is the concept of buying and selling cryptocurrency simultaneously but on different markets. This is because of the potential profit possible due to the price difference between the markets. This is not some revolutionary new concept, but a very old one which is used in all markets. Stock markets, foreign exchange and bond markets all employ this concept.

How does arbitrage work in cryptocurrency markets?

As mentioned above, arbitrage is the buying and selling of currency between different markets. This is possible In cryptocurrency because of the nature of cryptocurrency. Limited cryptocurrency units are available between different markets. This is because it is not easy to mine cryptocurrency. The user here is making all the money by pocketing the difference by taking advantage of the demand and supply shortcomings.

A simple approach to arbitrage in the cryptocurrency market is to monitor everything yourself. Manually tracking the price differences would give you the best option to deal with how to go about the process. With todays technology, there are automated bots to make this monitoring process easy as well.

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If we take a look at the types of arbitrage that exist, they can be broken down into three groups, simple arbitrage, trigangular arbitrage and convergence arbitrage.

This simple process involves selling the same coin as soon as possible on separate exchange markets. It is simple because it involves the simple trade of one currency.

Unlike simple arbitrage, this method employs the price difference between three currencies. It doesnt mean three cryptocurrencies. It means three real world currencies. Example: Buying in USD, then selling it in EUR to profit from the exchange and then back again to profit from EUR to USD.

This method makes very efficient use of the demand-supply shortcomings. It is all about buying on one market where the coin may be undervalued and selling where it is overvalued. When the two prices converge to a common selling point, thats when you can profit from it.

The benefits of cryptocurrency arbitrage as 4-fold, the first being the quick way to profit from a simple exchange with the second encompassing a wide range of options to exchange from. Which leads us to the third benefit of arbitrage which is when it is the start of a particular crypto market, that results in less competition and finally, the forth is the constant volatility between prices leads to nice profits if you run your strategies correctly.

Constantly being aware of market changes is essential with arbitrage, at executium we run our

and compile our own data, which enables us to bypass any dependency on a third-party.

We perform constant market supervision and update our system in microseconds. When a price changes in any market place, we immediately know and take the actions as required aganist each users strategy.

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Making money off the market through arbitrage is an old practice. At its most basic level arbitrage is simply the act of buying assets (including currency itself) in one currency and selling immediately in another in order to take advantage of different prices and currency fluctuations.

Arbitrage by buying a currency cheaply on one market and selling it high on another is possible with cryptocurrencies. In January 2018 Bitcoin, a common cryptocurrency was priced 43% higher on the South Korean market than it was in the United States. This means that, without considering fees, by buying US$100,000 of Bitcoin from the US market and selling it immediately on the South Korean market, an investor could have made a quick US$43,000.

As well as taking advantage of the different valuation of a single cryptocurrency in two different markets, traders can take advantage of the price variation between two different cryptocurrencies. For example, perhaps on one exchange, you can buy 1 Bitcoin for 10 ETH (another cryptocurrency), but on another exchange, you can sell 1 Bitcoin for 10.5 ETH. Traders can profit from buying Bitcoin on exchange one, and selling for ETH on exchange two.

While the value of cryptocurrencies is known for being volatile and therefore opening up opportunities for arbitrage, differences in value are rarely as dramatic as 43%. More likely is the situation in November 2017, when CEX was listing Bitcoin at $10,026, while Kraken was listing at $9,748, representing only a 2.8% difference. There is clearly still plenty of profit to be made her but not quite as extreme as that previously mentioned.

Because it is relatively easy to move cryptocurrencies from one exchange to another, the market usually corrects these kinds of imbalances quickly, meaning that you really have to be on the ball and set up to make exchanges quickly to take advantage of this kind of arbitrage. This is because, while all this is taking place, the markets are evening themselves out, so that when you actually go to make your cryptocurrency purchase on the other exchange, the price gap has begun to close.

Making money off cryptocurrency through arbitrage is neither risk-free or easy money. Traders that benefit in this way are set up to buy and sell quickly, spend time studying the market and know where to look for the best opportunities, and understand all the transactions costs involved, and therefore recognise the gap in the market needed, and the amount of investment capital needed, to make a profit.

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