13Fields works with partners and customers to delivery consultancy, services and solutions using Splunk. We are business-outcome-oriented, focussing on rapid return on investment. We use automation as much as is appropriate to accelerate delivery and improve RoI. We work primarily in IT security, but also in IT Ops and BI/MI. We can do everything from design through implementation to ongoing support and maintenance; we play well with others though too. Our specialities include architecture, soution design, splunk, ES Enterprise Security, UBA User Behaviour Analytics, SOAR Orchestration and Automation with Phantom, ITSI IT Service Intelligence.

2iC is an award winning, innovative UK software company setting the standards for future defence systems. As proven thought leaders in digital interoperability, 2iCs off-the-shelf software delivers the capability and cost benefits previously only enjoyed by enterprise-class software to the tactical environment.

2iC firmly believe that in the 21st century tactical computer systems should be able to easily digitally interoperate. Further these systems should be flexible to adapt to changing circumstances, with significant system changes made in hours and days, not months and years.

2iC has solved the problem of both connecting and then coordinating previously standalone systems anywhere; whether on soldiers, vehicles and bases or distributed systems in the civil world.

The Lean Services Architecture (LSA) is an open schema-based architecture that provides a Services Orientated Architecture (SOA) in the operational and tactical military domain, or other similar environments.

2iC invented the Lean Services Architecture and the Ministry of Defence (MoD) published it using the Open Government Licence. The Lean Services Architecture is an important part of the MoD strategy as it realises the benefits of open systems and enables interoperability at the tactical level.

Capabilities:Communication systems,equipment; Software consultancy; Data communication; Highways,links; Data network; Land systems; Software modelling; Systems analysis; Acquisition,logging,recording,telemetry; Processing systems,equipment; Cost analysis,management systems; Information systems,technology consultancy; Software design; Command,control systems; Tactical information; Mobile data; Support services; Software; Management systems; Integrated systems; Systems engineering; Communications; Computers; Command,control vehicles; Business process automation; Data protection; Automated data capture; Data conversion services3BDA LimitedSunlodge, 58 Stubbs End Close, Amersham, HP6 6EU,

Strategic consultancy, advice and support to organisations working in the Cyber, Defence, National Security and Law Enforcement sectors.

Capabilities:Project management; Outsourcing; Marketing and business development; Market research; PFI, partnering services; Information systems,technology consultancy; Programme,integrator prime contractorship; Security; Procurement consultancy; Managed services; Perimeter protection,security; Intelligence systems; CLAS consultants3DEO NI LimitedScottish Provident Building, 7 Donegall Square West, BELFAST, BT1 6JH, 028 9091 2770

3DEO combine data sources and visualise in rich 3D, providing analysis of imagery data from multiple sources, as diverse as earth observation satellites, CCTV, twitter and the cameras on smart phones. 3DEO is sensor agnostic and works the entire chain from data acquisition to end use.

3M United Kingdom Plc3M Centre, Cain Road, Bracknell, RG12 8HT,

3M is fundamentally a science-based company. We produce thousands of imaginative products, and were a leader in scores of markets – from health care and highway safety to office products and abrasives and adhesives. Our success begins with our ability to apply our technologies – often in combination – to an endless array of real-world customer needs. Of course, all of this is made possible by the people of 3M and their singular commitment to make life easier and better for people around the world.

3SDL offer innovative, cost effective consultancy and airborne surveillance capabilities in the Aerospace, Defence & Security sectors. A wealth of experienced subject matter experts with extensive knowledge in the fields of ISTAR, Tactical Data Links, Communications and Information Assurance can support businesses and governments in acquisition, development and de-risking capability expansion. Built on a proven reputation in the growing areas of UAS, AIS and Cyber Security, 3SDL provide cutting edge solutions at affordable rates. Combined with a comprehensive training portfolio, providing courses on all aspects of the procurement cycle, from CONOPS to OT&E for a range of international customers, the diversity of skills within 3SDL allow rapid, proactive and agile support for businesses facing the varied challenges of the Aerospace, Defence and Security sectors.

UAV; Engineering; Project management; Communication systems,equipment; Aerospace consultancy; Training consultancy; Defence systems; Navigation systems,equipment; FAA approved; BMS 10-83; Solar arrays; Leather and leather products; Engineering and mechanical; Human factors; Management,organisation; Highways,links; Communications consultancy; Crisis,disaster,emergency consultancy; Land systems; Marine services; Operational requirements; Operational simulation; Risk assessment; Systems analysis; Engineering and maintenance training courses; Acquisition,logging,recording,telemetry; Data recorders; Processing systems,equipment; Cost analysis,management systems; Construction,civil engineering; Classification Services; Contract pricing,negotiating,bidding; Facilities management; Market research; Intercommunication equipment; Software testing and validation; Waste disintegrators,shredders; Guns and gun equipment; Infantry training; Recording systems,equipment; Desalination equipment; Grenades and dischargers; Marine engineering equipment; Converters; Tensile,compression testing; Infra red systems; Inspection equipment; EMC,Tempest products; Tarpaulins; Technical textiles; Vessel traffic management; CBRN consultancy; Vulnerability analysis; Storage equipment; Modular,portable buildings; Radiography equipment and components; Security; Homeland security; Mobile data; Support services; Network management systems; Communication training; Procurement consultancy; Continuing professional development; e-Learning; Management systems; Protection,security systems,equipment; Managed services; Corporate security training; Surveillance training; Counter surveillance systems,equipment; Perimeter protection,security; Systems engineering; Covert systems,equipment; Communications; Cell-site analysis; Communication installation,integration; Forensic services; Data protection; Imaging systems,equipment; Tamperproof; Systems,equipment rental; Automated data capture; Data recovery; Community safety; CLAS consultants; Data conversion services; Image archiving,enhancement,processing; Imagery analysis; Assurance systems

13-14 Buckingham Street, London, WC2N 6DF, +44 (0) 7810250274

Founded in 2000, 4C Strategies helps organisations to: analyse and articulate their capability development requirements; visualise a training progression; understand where they are on that journey, in particular benefitting from a transparent and auditable view of Training Risk an ensure best practiceis spread through near real time objective, evidence based, assessments and observations from training. Best known in the Military domain for our Exonaut capability developmentand training and exercise management solutions used by NATO, the British Army and the Swedish Armed Forces. Using our single integrated platform, militarys can design, develop, deliver, evaluate and exploit exercises – either as standalone activities or as part of an ongoing development programme. Whilst Exonaut is ideally suited to the management of exercise progressions and delivery of complex exercises, it has been developed to add equal value to the full range of individual and collective training activities.

Capabilities:NATO , MoD approved; Training consultancy; Software consultancy; Flying training; Training systems; Operational simulation; Software modelling; Engineering and maintenance training courses; Ship modelling and movement simulation; Education courses; Information systems,technology consultancy; Software design; Gunfire simulation; Infantry training; Firearms training; Training simulation; Driving simulation; Maintenance simulation; Air combat simulation; Air defence simulation; Air traffic control simulation; Data simulation; Flight control simulation; Infantry simulation; Radar simulation; Minefield, mine clearance simulation; Army training courses; Driving training; Firearms simulation; Security training courses; Defence management, acquisition, marketing training courses; Disaster relief training courses; Naval training courses; Leadership training courses; CBRN training; Tactical simulation; Simulation systems; Languages training courses; Diving training courses; Emergency preparedness,response; Mobile data; Communication training; Computer modelling; Software; Continuing professional development; e-Learning; Interactive learning development tools; Close protection training; Conflict management training; Corporate security training; Emergency planning; Police training; Surveillance training; Counter terrorism training; Drug awareness training; Medical training; Search training; Secure training services; Weapons training; Hostile environment training; Homeland security training; Training facilities; Defensive tactics training; Telecoms investigators training; Bomb disposal training; Electronic counter measure training; Explosive search training; IED disposal training; Ammunition drill training; Team building training; Electronic warefare simulation; Forced entry training; Physical intervention training; Physical training equipment; Displays dataADS Advance magazine

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:@faisalislamThe UK aerospace industry have consistently argued continued membership of the European Aviation Safety Ag

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