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Lets consider how does it work on EURUSD. Imagine that we have two synthetic pairsEURUSDxandEURUSDy.

They have similar dynamics, so if we open two opposite positions on these pairs we will have a hedged position.

Open: BUYEURUSDxand SELLEURUSDy. After some time we close these positions: SELLEURUSDxand BUYEURUSDy.

Profit:Profit = (BIDx – ASKx) + (BIDy – ASKy) = (BIDx – ASKy) + (BIDy – ASKx)

In the experssion presented above we know the value of the first bracket (BUYEURUSDxand SELLEURUSDy).

The value of the second bracket is known after positions close (SELLEURUSDxand BUYEURUSDy)

There are several cases with positive Profit values. One of them is:

Trade-Arbitrageexpert advisor uses it (you can modify for any other condition).

In a realtimeit looks for cases whenBIDx ASKyforALLof the possible synthetic pairs (thousandscases) and opens the corresponding positions.

It means thatTrade-Arbitrageexpert advisoris always has a multicurrency hedge.

It creates the fileArbitrageStatistic.txtwith sorted (by frequency) arbitrage cases.

IfMonitoring is TRUE, the expert advisor adds some arbitrage details to fileArbitrage.txt.

The trading is performed with pairs, defined in the fileTrade-Arbitrage.txt(the file location is:experts\files).

Also it logs some details for further analysis (deals, reasons, and results):

Trade-Arbitrage advisor results (above), NettoTrading (left) and CheckMyArbitrage (right) script results

The multicurrency hedge can be checked by using a cycled scriptCheckMyArbitrage.

– minimal allowed (as arbitrage) difference in points (

orders (different brokers have different values).

Expert works correctly (it doesnt break multicurrency hedge):

The negative slippages and commissions are eating the profit.

Long-term execution of trading orders, there are some cases when the other symbols prices are changed significantly

Asynchronousprocessing of trade orders by broker.

Simultaneous send for various symbols (asynchronicity emulation) of trade orders from multiple terminals for one account.

The collection and use of more statistical information for use by other

The collection and use of statistical information about the time duration of the arbitrage.

Priority of the Market-orders queue (for example, the symbol with the largest tick volume or symbol with extremal local price.

Multicurrency, so it cannot be used in strategy tester. It can be executed as script.

The price history doesnt used. The arbitrage theory uses the market inefficiency (quote inefficiency), so the

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to make that the ea is trading you have to put the Trade-Arbitrage.txt into the filies folder in experts there are the arbitages that have to be tradet.

i have typed all here from picture you have to put that exact in the .txt

i have deleted the eurchf because there is nothing to trade atcurrent time.

i you want only have the minimal lot then make lock to true and set up min lot at min lot that is availible (0.01) and in lot set 0.01 and for sure set max lot 0.01 , too.

i have setted an live account to test it here:

ok i think that system is bad, account 25 % loss……. have someone other results? i have it on demo and realand on demo is complete other…. lol^^

getchcan you message me via skype keezilla or keelan brettner facebook please i have a few systems im working on and would like to chat

The strategy is based on breakthrough of the maximum and minimum price values of the previous trading day.

It shows Stochastics for several timeframes in a single chart, also it calculates the average value.

Many people asks to post a simple expert advisor. Here is it.

Program for logging of non-market quotations from brokerage companies with MetaTrader platform. ADDED: Added ability to run your own script automatically in case of non-market quotations have place.