As you discussed earlier during your live talk,

Afterwards, we went into December and now we are

living in an economy where the geographical arbitrage

At that point, the value of bitcoin goes up to

98,000 rupees in India, or say $1,200 U.S. dollars.

[ANDREAS] Okay, very good. Arbitrage is the process

of diminishing the difference in price of a commodity

Arbitrage is something done by individuals who

use the opportunity of the difference in price

to trade that difference until it diminishes to zero.

If spreads or price differences emerge, they can

be exploited for profit, which means they should

What happens when that fails? Why does it fail?

$900 in the United States, the obvious answer is

I [should buy bitcoin in the United States, sell in India.

In the process, I dont transfer bitcoin from

It wasnt in the U.S. to start with, and it didnt end up

in India. Bitcoin started and ended on the blockchain.

I buy bitcoin in the U.S., and sell it in India.

What did I sell it for? Lets say I sold it for rupees.

I would wire transfer those rupees back to the U.S.,

I may be able to do this only once. By the second

The third time I go to wire transfer, my bank [blocks it].

Maybe I get a visit from some friendly gentlemen

with mustaches, uniforms, and big sticks. [Laughter]

They tell me, You cant do that. Where, in

that series of events, is bitcoin the problem?

The Bitcoin part was easy; the rest was telling you

Bitcoin is not worth $1,200. Bitcoin is worth $943

everywhere, but rupees are worth 1/100,000 of bitcoin.

The value of bitcoin didnt change. It takes more rupees

to buy bitcoin because rupees are worth less now.

Why? Because you cant move rupees across borders.

Bitcoin can move across borders. Rupees are also

discounted against the U.S. dollar and the euro, etc.

The problem isnt that bitcoin is 20% more expensive;

the problem is that the rupee is worth 20% less

It tells you that rupees in a bank account are worth

not bitcoin. Bitcoins value did not change.

If you have a problem with that, petition your

it must be portable. Your rupees are not as portable.

As a result, people will only accept them at a discount

of 20% for the real, hard, portable currency: bitcoin.

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$1200 a BTC sounds like a got damn deal these days

A $1800 bitcoin will be a great deal this time next month. 😁

when i hear indian accent i directly associate it with a scammer

Andreas is definitely one of the greatest Greek philosophers of modern times

No better explainer of bitcoin out there than my mate andreas.

Is the risk of sudden unplanned devaluation of the Rupee also factored into the heavy discount?

Wow, what a clear and illustrative breakdown. It starts to make the other crytpo gains make more sense, money wants to change hands. In crypto land arbitrage happens fast creating value through trade. We can see the value harvested via temporary or long term drops in price, such opportunity for solutions.

Its sad that the Indian people suffer under the arch-criminal modi and his war against corruption which in reality is a war against the common man who suffers and starves.

To the gallows with modi, and may India advance and prosper once he is gone.

Mr. Andreas, you are the best representative/speaker about the king (BITCOIN)

So, if somebody in India wants to buy Bitcoin with USD instead of Indian Rupee, would that person pay the same amount in USD as somebody in USA would pay?

her q: why is BTC more expensive in India than US?

This is the same logic for gold and silver relative to fiat currencies. In my opinion. So Bitcoin is telling you something as is gold and silver again relative to fiat currencies

Great Video! Bitcoin is popping right now. But many people dont know the risks. And they dont get what it is and why its valued. Essentially, you want to hold onto it for a long time. Because theres too much volatility in the short term.

How in the world are you saying that arbitrage is illegal?????

He is talking Global socialism. All over the world bitcoin is of same value . this is NOT possible since Milk does not cost the same in USA and India and Gas and Bread and neither one person is paid same amount for work/hr in USA and India.

Bitcoin is only successful as a universal currency if the whole world is EQUAL.

Great insight. Im learning so much about currency from you andreas.

If what he is saying is true then Indians earning $s in the USA should send money to their PARENTS back home in the form of bitcoin. Thereby cancelling out transfer charges and their parents can encash the bitcoin into rupees at a profit. (Please let me know if I am wrong).

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onKAKTOV REPTIL BOI (Videoclip Oficial)

onKAKTOV REPTIL BOI (Videoclip Oficial)

onKAKTOV REPTIL BOI (Videoclip Oficial)

onKAKTOV REPTIL BOI (Videoclip Oficial)