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A guide to arbitrage strategies in the crypto market.

A guide to arbitrage strategies in the crypto market.

A guide toarbitrage strategiesin the crypto market.

Maybe Im missing something like apage 2button, but I didnt see a single strategy, you only explained what arbitrage is.

Im not critiquing your app, it may be great for all I know, but the title is misleading. You cant just sayarbitrage is taking advantage of price differences for the same assetand call it a strategy, its a definition.

Technically arbitrage is a strategy; its possible to interpret that sentence as being about strategies which are arbitrage rather than subtypes of arbitrage.

I used your api for Arbitrage and i failed miserably with outdated data, afterwards i used cctx and all was good

Thank you for the great feedback! Could you share which endpoints you were using to collect data and execute trades? I would love to hear about your setup to see how we might be able to make adjustments.

Do you have a script posting all of your articles on a list of subs or something?

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