Before we start, we have to define what arbitrage is.

This picture shows very well what arbitrage is.

If you can get stuff at a low price, then sell it at a higher price.

However, if you really start your arbitrage business, there are so many questions you have to answer.

I understand that you cannot easily start arbitrage business.

Its because you have to take a risk if your stuff is not sold.

As you know, everybody wants no risk, high return.

So, today!! Im going to tell you how to start arbitrage business right away.

As I told you earlier, everybody wants no risk, high return.

Even though the e-book has emerged and many people read it through Kindle,

a paper book is still sold out by people all around the world.

Here are some reasons why book arbitrage is so reasonable for you:

Although you have a little budget, you can start it now!

Until all the textbook are replaced with Kindle, book market never dies.

It means that if you propose a proper price then your book will be sold.

You might wonder where to buy a book and where to sell it.

Yeah, its a very important problem because its critical to your profit.

Which market does allow us to buy a book at a low price then sell it at a high price?

Its Amazon the biggest online shopping mall in the world.

Amazon makes it possible with the service called Amazon Prime.

It is unlike with 3rd party bookseller on Amazon.

Amazon keeps the products by itself and delivers it very fast.

Because it is so fast, it costs a little more.

It is said that there are more customers in Amazon who use prime service only.

According to Forbes, Amazon shipped more than 5 billion items in 2017 with Prime worldwide.

That is, you can buy a book at a low price then you can sell it on Amazon Prime.

I do not recommend the strategy Ive never done by myself.

The business model I told you is pretty simple.

But doing this and getting a profit is another thing.

First and foremost thing you have to do is find a profitable book.

Not every book is wanted and sold by people even though there are so many people in Amazon.

You have to find a cheap book which people want.

To get a profit, you also have to know the Amazon Prime price of the product.

If there are competitors, you have to consider your price strategy.

The problem is that how to find profitable books.

Its almost impossible for you to find them by yourself.

It takes too much time because there are numerous books on Amazon.

It depends on you which one to select if you are serious about starting this business.

Two programs are famous in the book arbitrage market.

I will write a detailed review of the two programs so if you are interested in them, check out later!

Zen Arbitrage is published by Peter Valley who has been selling books on Amazon since 2007.

UI of it is pretty simple and powerful so you can use it easily.

If you need help, you can also send him an email.

I sent him almost 6 emails then he always replies it kindly.

Im a member of the community then I see the real proofs of the members. I was really amazed!

Its a real business. It means that you are going to be an Amazon seller so it depends on you for your success.

Its because Zen Arbitrage provides prep service at a low price.

After your trial end, it costs only $97/month to use the software and marketplace.

Im sure that there are enough training videos and quick start guide but there is not enough information about signing up Amazon Seller Central.

It took me almost 2 weeks to get approval from Amazon Seller Central.

It has similar features with Zen Arbitrage but therere obvious differences.

It means that if you put your effort to find profitable books and sell them but you cannot earn profit more than you invest, not only they give your money back but also give you additional compensation.

With the help of the program, you can easily find profitable books by investing a few minutes.

After you find the books, buy them and ship them to prep company.

They will check the quality of your products and create a shipment to Amazon on behalf of you.

Now, you are just waiting for customers to buy your products.

After a thorough investigation of the book arbitrage business, I decided to start it withZen Arbitrage.

I choose it as a partner for my business because of the following reasons.

When I consider Zen Arbitrage, it meets all the requirements I needed.

It provides 14-day free trial so that I could figure out the software and the possibility of this business.

Also, $97 for a monthly fee is quite reasonable.

If you are ready to invest much of your time in this business, thenBook Profitscould be a good choice because they guarantee for your effort.

Dont forget to share your friends who want to start their online business 🙂

I heard about book arbitrage from a colleague at work and here I am researching on it. Firstly, I must admit that Im amazed at how lucrative this is and it is a no-brainer that demands for books can never end as such, possibilities of running this business for a long time is high. Zen arbitrage seems reasonably priced to be honest, and considering the potentials and the ease it would take off ones life from having to look for profitable books and stuff, this is good enough. I would however, want to know how much could be the perfectRead more

I can confidently tell you how much you need to start this business.

As I already said in the article, Idont have much budget.

Buy book ->

about $20 $30 per book

Prep Service (service related to shipment) ->

about $1 per book

The best part is that you can get a profit from a book when it is sold.

You can earn money right away if a book is sold!

This does look like a good business model because there are a whole lot of arid readers out there who still prefer to have the feel of their books while they read on. Having said this, I have a few questions, is there a price to pay to amazon for selling this books to them plus if one takes to arbitrage full time, how much do you think is a possible return per month after taking out fees for software etc.

I pay $97 per month to use Zen Arbitrage software.

Earning potential is up to you but I can give you an example.

I saw a member from the community who manages 200-250 books in his Amazon Seller Central inventory.

HIs ordered product sales for 4 months is around $7000.

You can easily find 50% profit book on Zen Arbitrage so that net profit is going to be $3517.

If you work hard then you can earn a lot more.