Arbitrage Sounds kind of complicated, but its happening all around us, and there are plenty of opportunities to take advantage of.

In the financial world, it refers to a trading strategy where the profits are made off of changes in security prices.

But lets call a spade a spade; its basically where you justbuy low and sell high. If youre buying something, youre looking for the opportune moment to buy. Likewise, if youre selling, youre keeping a close watch on when you can sell for more. Arbitrage is really the two concepts rolled into one.

The McDonalds McRib is actually a great example. You might have noticed how the sandwich is sold periodically, and isnt available for purchase at all times.

This is because the selling of the McRib, which is a barbecue style pork sandwich,coincides with the falling prices of pork. In other words, McDonalds can sell it to us for maximum profit!

They bought low, and then resold at a higher price. Got it?

So arbitrage might require you to keep a close watch on things, but you can easily make a lot of little profits that can quickly add up to greater profits if you do it right.

Now, arbitrage is most frequently seen in the investment world. And, make no mistake about it; there seems to be a deliberate attempt to confuse people outside of the financial sector.

But arbitrage is not as esoteric or novel as an idea as it may seem. Here are several examples to clear things up and show you how it works in practice.

Considerarbitrage sports betting. This is where you place bets on every possible outcome in a game. Sound crazy? Well, normally this would be a losing proposition, but you really need to think about how arbitrage works.

The idea is to place bids with multiple bookies instead of just one. And when you think about most sports events, your odds of winning are always 50% (or less if a tie is a possible outcome).

This isnt something to take to lightly, as you would need to look at the odds and calculate your potential profits, but you can essentially stack the deck in your favor to make a small profit no matter the final outcome.

Heres another fairly straightforward example. Remember whenthe Xbox 360 gaming consolecame out (hard to believe its been nearly 10 years)?

Well, as soon as the retailers started selling the new console, there were people buying them up and selling them on sites like eBay for many times the original price. This type of arbitrage is possible when the market demand is greater than supply, but again, it would be a fairly narrow window of opportunity.

Classified arbitrageis another opportunity many have taken to. You probably already know about sites like Craigslist, and if youve ever heard about people making a living from classified sites, thats usually a form of arbitrage.

It could be as simple as buying someones old nightstand at $30, and then turning around and selling it for $50. You still need to be smart in that you have to look out for and take advantage of unusually low prices. So when you find something thatcouldbe sold for more, theres a chance to make a bit of a profit.

This is the million dollar question, isnt it? You can probably see from the examples that arbitrage selling can fail spectacularly. Since you need to keep your finger on the pulse of whatever market you want to exploit, you might lose some sleep and even waste a lot of time if you dont do it right.

If you want to do well as an arbitrageur, here are several tips for you:

it probably doesnt make a lot of sense to venture too far outside of products, niches and industries you already know something about. This way youre dealing with facts rather than just hunches and assumptions (i.e. I found something that

Deal in exchanges with a limited number of potential outcomes:

as with the example of arbitrage sports betting, the fewer the variables often the better. This can help you find winning strategies more often than not.

dont go after big ticket items out of the gate. Again, look at the definition of arbitrage; it says

! Not that you cant make a lot of money using this technique, but you increase your risk of losing if you put all your money into items that you could end up having a hard time selling.

So there you go, a few quick tips on how to make sure your arbitrage deals succeed. Now, heres how to find some opportunities:

stuff goes on sale all the time. If you dont believe me, check out sites . There is definitely an opportunity to buy low and sell high.

if youre looking for a deal, finding one could be as simple as watching Craigslist. Then its just a matter of making sure whatever you buy can actually be sold for more.

since you can bid on stuff on eBay, the risk is really low. You never have to bid more than youre comfortable with, and that can mean getting some good deals on goods you can easily sell at a higher price tag.

take gig ideas from a site likeFiverr, turn around and offer them for more on other service marketplaces.

Also, dont forget to check outan earlier postI did on the topic. When you do this right, you can make a lot of easy money, plain and simple.

Are there other arbitrage opportunities out there? You better believe it!

Butyou have to be an opportunist. Thats the main thing.

Dont get frustrated if you dont find any immediate opportunities. Thats where a lot of people tend to make bad decisions.

Part of arbitrage iswaiting it out. If you dont believe me, just ask arbitrageurs in the investment world!

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Arbitrage is easier than it sounds. Theres easy money to be made, the problem is that that its not always easy to find stuff to sell on.

On another note, iv read your blog for years and years and its good to see its still just as good when i come back to it all these years later.

I find it amusing that the word Arbitrage for many people sounds intimidating and complex. In my line of work,Sports Arbitrage,I find 40,50, sometimes over 100 arbitrages on a single day using Specialized Software.

It is stressful,mind numbing ,hard work . The activity that might resemble it more is Financial Markets Daytrading . Since I did Arbitrage all the time I also tried my hand at Services Trading that involves finding someone looking for a Service such as Logo Design in Craiglist and then finding some one to do it cheaper in Fiverr or Elance. Easier said than done. I am sticking to what has worked very well for me so far,Sports Arbitrage

Hi Efrhen, your post is very interesting to me (even though Im reading it nearly a year after you wrote it!!). Im really interested in sports arbitrage and whether I can make a living from it. Please would you give me some pointers as to how to get started, good software, best sports etc. Many thanks

Love arbitrage myself, however I lack the patience to find the right opportunity as a result I havent found much success with it. I have had some luck with website flipping, which I assume could loosely classify as arbitrage.

Loved your suggestion of reselling gigs, thats something I have been thinking for a while. Its time I work on it and implement it.

Well if we talk about arbitrage then there are many opportunities and I love it too. When it comes to financial planning and planning for retirement purposes. I have gained a lot with arbitrage. Its the time to work and implement the same.

There are tonnes of opportunities to make money with arbitrage; using sites such as you can easily resell social media services more expensively on m or to fulfill peoples requirements on