Pioneering defensive absolute return fixed income portfolio management since 2007

Kapstream istheleading choice for institutional and individual investors seeking an alternative approach to fixed income, combining capital preservation techniqueswith unconstrained portfolio management skillsin the pursuit of stable, absolute returns.

Our global absolute return fixed income strategies are accessible via pooled funds, or for larger institutional investors via segregated portfolios which may be tailored to meet specific requirements.

The Fund, targeting returns of 2-3% above cash, is designed to provide a steady income stream with minimal volatility and capital preservation.

The Fund, targeting returns of 3-4% above cash, is designed to provide superior income with low volatility and capital stability across economic cycles.

Kapstream manages segregated portfolios for institutional and wholesale investors under our flagship absolute return strategy, as well as portfolios tailored to meet individual risk return requirements, or to provide bespoke exposure to specific fixed income sectors.

At our heart is an unwavering focus onprotecting the value of our clients investments, making active use of a wide range of techniques to do so when risk of loss threatens.

We believe in the freedom of aglobally unconstrained approach in identifying the highest quality issuers,to construct an actively managed diverse portfolio of predominantly investment grade assets.

Risk-limited in number and size, the alpha element of the portfolio comprisesselect relative value derivative trades aimed at enhancing portfolio returnsby exploiting opportunities in rates, credit, and currency markets, in complement to the active core portfolio.

Constant monitoring and active mitigation of the primary risks present in client portfolios the sensitivity to a change in headline interest rates, the threat of default, and market liquidity isintegral to ensuring we maintain a prudent balance between overall portfolio risk and return.

The global absolute return fixed income specialist.