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Kames Capital is launching two absolute return funds to add to its existing complement.

Kames Equity Market Neutral Fund and the Kames Equity Market Neutral Plus Fund will join two other absolute return funds in November.

A target return of cash plus 4%, in all market conditions, over a 36 month rolling term, is set for Kames Equity Market Neutral Fund. It will be managed by David Griffiths, David Pringle and Malcolm McPartlin.

The same team will also run the Kames Equity Market Neutral Plus Fund. This fund aims to generate a return of cash plus 8%, in all market conditions, over a 36 month rolling term.

The two new funds join the existing Kames Absolute Return Bond Fund and the Kames UK Equity Absolute Return Fund.

Stephen Jones, chief investment officer at Kames, said: We are seeing some real traction within our existing absolute return strategies as investors appreciate our genuine market neutral returns and these investors and our European clients are now asking for us to replicate these strategies but with the potential for greater returns on their capital. We believe these two funds meet this demand whilst remaining true to our absolute philosophy of providing real market neutral returns.

Registered in Dublin, the new funds will be available in Sterling, Swiss Franc, Euro and US dollar share classes. They will be registered for sale in the UK, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Channel Islands, Ireland, Malta, Spain and Switzerland.

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