Alpha (computer), a fictional computer in Mike Walkers radio play

Alpha (DC Comics), a character from DC Comics

Alpha (Marvel Comics), a character from Marvel Comics

Alpha 4 (Power Rangers)Alpha 5 (Power Rangers)Alpha 6 (Power Rangers)Alpha 7 (Power Rangers), characters in the

Alpha the Ultimate Mutant, a character in Marvel Comics

, the primary setting for the television series

(film), a 2018 film starring Kodi Smit-McPhee

Alpha Metroid, a form of the fictional Metroid species introduced in

, a young-adult novel series by Lisi Harrison

(Australian magazine), an Australian mens sport magazine

, an investor magazine, later incorporated into

Alpha (band), a British electronic music group

Alpha, a French early music label record label, now part ofOuthere

, an American science fiction tv series 20112012

Alpha Bank, a Greek bank, or their stock symbol ALPHA

Alpha Industries, an American clothing company

Alpha Media, an American radio broadcasting company

Alpha Video, an American entertainment company

, a glyph in theInternational Phonetic Alphabet

, a vowel in theGeneral Alphabet of Cameroon Languages

Alfa, the first letter in theNATO phonetic alphabet

Alpha, Ohio, a neighborhood of the city of Beavercreek

Alpha, Tennessee, an unincorporated community and neighborhood

Alpha, Texas, an unincorporated freedmans town

Alpha, Washington, an unincorporated community

Alpha, Wisconsin, an unincorporated community

Alpha Ridge, an undersea ridge in the Arctic Ocean

Alpha (programming language), an early database language

Alpha compositing, an image processing technique

AlphaServer, DEC now HP machine successor to the VAX

AlphaStation, DEC now HP workstation successor to the VAX

DEC Alpha, an instruction set architecture developed by Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC)

Wolfram Alpha, a computational knowledge engine

Alpha (finance), a measurement of active return on an investment

Cronbachs alpha, a statistical measure of reliability

, the conventional symbol forangular eccentricity

, a symbol for one of theFeigenbaum constantsdescribing a bifurcation diagram, in mathematics

, a symbol representing the probability of atype I errorin statistics

, sometimes used as a placeholder forordinal numbers

Alpha (ethology)(also alpha male and alpha female), the highest ranking individuals in a community of social animals

ALPHA Collaboration, (Antihydrogen Laser PHysics Apparatus), a team of scientists

Alpha waves, recorded by electroencephalography

, a symbol for theangle of attackin aerodynamics

, a symbol forangular accelerationin physics

, a symbol forcoefficient of thermal expansionin thermodynamics

, a symbol for thefine-structure constantin physics

, a symbol forthermal diffusivityin thermodynamics

, a symbol for common-base current gain of atransistorin electronics

, the isotope fractionation factor between two substances ingeochemistry

Alpha, the brightest star in a constellation according to theBayer designation

Alpha (navigation), a Russian radio navigation system

Minolta Alpha, the Japanese name for a series of SLR cameras known as Maxxum or Dynax elsewhere

Sony or Sony Alpha, a digital SLR series by Sony

GM Alpha platform, the underpinning of various GM vehicles

Alpha 2000, a light aircraft built in New Zealand

Pipistrel Alpha Trainer, a Slovenian light-sport aircraft

Alpha (name), given name, including a list of people with the name

ALPHA (psychedelic), psychedelic drug alpha-ethyl-3,4-methylenedioxybenzylamine

Alpha course, an introductory course in Christianity

Alpha Group, an elite Russian counterterrorism unit

Alpha, or Service A, one of theuniforms of the United States Marine Corps

Alpha Secondary School, a public high school in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada

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