After a successful showing at this years indie-packed Sundance Film Festival, Nicholas Jareckisis a fitting film for our countrys current economic situation.follows a hedge fund magnate named Robert Miller (played by Gere) who seemingly has it all. As we are introduced to Miller on his 60th birthday, the successful businessman and devoted patriarch appears to be living the American dream. However, we soon catch a glimpse into the darker side of Millers life where anadulterous affairand dirty accounting tricks to protect his companys image show a desperate man. When a terrible accident leads to potential homicide charges, the financial guru needs to outsmart a local investigator (played by Tim Roth) whos right on his trail.

Jareckis thrillerArbitrageis a well paced independent film loaded with top tier acting and a solid screen play. Taut in every way imaginable, you cant helped but get sucked into this venomous story of greed and murder. Gere, along with supporting cast such as Susan Sarandon, Tim Roth and rising star Brit Marling, help elevateArbitrageto the upper echelon of its class. In addition to the well rounded cast,Arbitrageboasts a constantly progressing plot with smart and crafty dialogue. This is hands down one of the most refined screenplays of the year.