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Friendly notice:- Always do your own homework thoroughly, before making any potential high risk financial commitments. Always invest as much as you can afford to lose.

Occasionally when the market makes rapid shifts, arbitrage could come forward as very rewarding trading strategy. Being in the right place and at the right time is rather considered an important ingredient to the recipe of successful trading.

There are various types of arbitrage strategies that are designed to be executed in different market conditions. During the active Bear market, expert traders would always consider converting a coin back to fiat at the end of each arbitrage trading cycle. Should the market find new lows while you zZz, the investment will continue to remain safe and sound.

However, when the bulls are holding the flag, the game of trading suddenly shifts and becomes slightly more predictable as well as open for non-fiat arbitrage opportunities. In fact, most automated arbitrage trading bots are designed for Bulls market, where buying on exchange A and simultaneously selling on exchange B takes place in attempt to increase the overall count of your crypto coins. This particular model is great when the market is constantly rising.

Moreover, trusting your coin to third party unregulated company without background check could be frustrating and risky business. While there are plenty of arbitrage bots that can be considered as an automated trading solution, there are certain elements of the trading process that developers are keen to make transparent.

We consider* a tool* made for identifying arbitrage opportunities in real time across most popular crypto exchanges.It should be used as an addition to an existing trading strategy.

Please be aware:WeDO NOTguarantee profits! While some arbitrage opportunities may appear very lucrative at first sight, sometimes there is a good reason behind it. Always do your own research.

Arbitrage Paths is not an arbitrage trading bot. We will never ask for your API keys.

a device, used to carry out a particular function

roadmap across the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges.

While Expert continually scans the market for wider price spreads, the matching algorithm runs through millions of potential combinations in attempt to display the most accurate real-time arbitrage opportunities.

We believe that eachpathmust be carefully validated before it can be followed. The validation process includes confirming the maintenance status of eachcrypto wallet andensuring the overall trade+withdrawal fees do not exceed the profit.

Choose between array of settings to define your next arbitrage path.

GROUPS- we took over 9000 altcoins and carefully arranged it into three groups categorized according toCoinMarketCap/coinsvolume list. Since most altcoins are shady business, expert went forward to separate the shitcoins in attempt to identifycrypto coinsthat are subject to medium to high risk.

ENTRY POINT- select the exchange where your funds are currently being parked. Expert will consider selected exchange as a starting point for arbitrage.

MAX JUMPS- serves to identify the number of exchange jumps an expert will take into consideration prior to displaying the next arbitrage path. Choose 1 for the basic path.

SPREAD HISTORY REPORTS- view and analyze historic spreads across multiple exchanges.

SPREAD VOLATILITY REPORTS- designed to analyze historical spread data and identify patterns, where as result of temporary price difference, an escape corridor was discovered. To put this in perspective; as result of a successful BTC/USD trade from Bitfinex to 4% profit was generated. Wouldnt it great to be able to go back and repeat the process without the need for getting the local banks involved? Surely it would. The spread volatility algorithm scans the historical reports in attempt to accurately pinpoint the exact time and stateddurationwhen the spread had narrowed by percentage designated in the settings. The tool may become handy in predicting the future exit patterns.

WALLET MAINTENANCE STATUS APP(alpha) – community driven app designed for maintaining wallet status updates in real time.

STATE OF THE ART DASHBOARD- you would absolutely love the dashboard!

ALERTS (SMS, EMAIL, BROWSER)- for your convenience weve made it extremely easy to set up custom spread alerts across multiple pairs and exchanges. Total market capitalization alerts will be made available upon demand.

PRIVATE FORUM- this is the place where we share success stories and help each other grow.

Anyone who can appreciate the art of trading crypto and forex markets. Arbitrage should only be considered as an addition to your existingday tradingstrategy. We would strongly encourage to carefully research, evaluate and understand all risks associated with trading cryptocurrency including arbitrage.

arbitrage opportunities that occasionally can be difficult to focus your eye on.* is exceptional at scanning the performance of thousands of altcoins across multiple exchanges to identify the most accurate spreads in real-time.

Cryptocurrency space is very volatile, therefore the accuracy of collected data is crucial for delivery of proper arbitrage quotes. Unlike all other arbitrage apps that are made to primarily rely on [ticker last price], goes far beyond by collectingreal-time book dataand analyzing each quote individually before concluding a quote.

What does it really mean for a day trader? The last price is simply an indicator of a closing trade, whereas the size still remains an unknown factor. Nevertheless, it does not guarantee an execution of a significantly sized order. For instance, according to last price a 0.01 BTCASKorder was executed for $6500, there is absolutelyNO guaranteethat anotherASKorder of 1BTC will be identically priced, unless a book is fully scanned and analyzed for potential size matches. As result a BID or multitude ofBIDSvalued at $6500 are found. This approach ensures the accuracy and highlights experts algorithmic level of sophistication.