is managed using an innovative approach to fixed income, balancing the interests of capital preservation with the generation of consistent and stable income, and, free from conventional constraints in sourcing the most compelling fixed income investment opportunities in Australia and around the world, according to our global macroeconomic views.

Managed to Kapstreams flagship investment strategy, the Fund aims to deliver an absolute return superior to cash benchmarks, generating stable and consistent income while preserving capital and minimising downside loss.

Investors seeking to replace or complement their cash and/or traditional benchmark-oriented fixed income exposure.

The fund may invest in, but is not limited to:

Interests in the Kapstream Absolute Return Income Fund are offered byFidante Partners Limitedwho provide a range of administration and distribution services to Kapstream, and are the Responsible Entity for the Fund. By clicking on the links to Fund documents provided below (and elsewhere on Kapstreams website) you will be re-directed to the Fidante website.

The global absolute return fixed income specialist.