swaggering master of the universe has been cooking the books at his hedge fund, while playing away from home with a dangerous dame. A fatal car crash looks set to lay him low, but hell stop at nothing to dodge his comeuppance. Youve seen it all before, but leadRichard Geredrenches the proceedings in the old razzle-dazzle.

At 64, hes as charismatic as ever, willing the audience into hoping hell get away with his misdeeds. Indeed, he uses his age (hes playing 60) to up the stakes: if this glittering but grizzled titan goes under, therell be no time left for a comeback.

Susan Sarandon provides nuanced support as his wronged but morally conflicted wife. Meanwhile, Tim Roth contributes a cheeringly hammy turn as a grungy New York detective prepared, wouldnt you know it, to break the rules to bring down an untouchable fat cat. An old-fashioned treat.