completed, finished, and no longer in existence

past happiness2denoting or belonging to all or a segment of the time that has elapsed at the present moment

the past history of the world3denoting a specific unit of time that immediately precedes the present one

the past month4prenominaldenoting a person who has held and relinquished an office or position; former

a past president5(Grammar)denoting any of various tenses of verbs that are used in describing actions, events, or states that have been begun or completed at the time of utterance


n6the pastthe period of time or a segment of it that has elapsed

forget the past7the history, experience, or background of a nation, person, etc.

a soldier with a distinguished past8an earlier period of someones life, esp. one that contains events kept secret or regarded as disreputable

adv10at a specified or unspecified time before the present; ago

its past midnight13beyond in place or position

the library is past the church14moving beyond; in a direction that passes

he walked past me15beyond or above the reach, limit, or scope of

his foolishness is past comprehension16beyond or above in number or amount

Informalunable to perform the tasks one could do when one was younger

18not put it past someoneto consider someone capable of (the action specified)

The past participle of pass is sometimes wrongly spelt past: the time for recriminations has passed (not past)

nmodifierof or relating to a voting system in which a candidate may be elected by a simple majority rather than an absolute majority

Compareproportional representationfly-past

na ceremonial flight of aircraft over a given area,(Also called (esp. U.S.))flyovermarch past

nthe marching of troops on parade past a person who is reviewing them

n1a person with talent for, or experience in, a particular activity

a past master of tact2a person who has held the office of master in a Freemasons lodge, guild, etc.

na participial form of verbs used to modify a noun that is logically the object of a verb, also used in certain compound tenses and passive forms of the verb in English and other languages

adj1denoting a tense of verbs used in relating past events where the action had already occurred at the time of the action of a main verb that is itself in a past tense. In English this is a compound tense formed with had plus the past participle

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to look for or expose information about a persons

, usually bad, and to therefore bring that person down or put them in a bad light

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