No alpha is safe. With computing power growing exponentially, all alpha will eventually morph into beta. With beta ubiquitous, easily replicable and cheap, it makes sense to pay more for genuine alpha. But what opportunities exist for asset owners and what types of premia are worth the fees?

The Absolute Returns Conference is designed for chief investment officers, heads of investment strategy, heads of alternatives, portfolio managers, analysts and consultants.Registration is open to institutional investors, chairs of investment committees and specialist consultants.

Content, ideas from key thinkers in the Australian marketplace

Level of expertise of speakers and participants were highly beneficial

Networking and market intelligence. What topics people are thinking about

Meeting and hearing from new and international managers. Their presence indicates a commitment to the Australian landscape

There has been strong growth in investment in private credit markets. Opportunities in spaces such as real estate and structured specialty lending can prove attractive to investors, PIMCO senior vice-president

Asset owners seek diversification in distressed markets, but when considering tail hedging and offsetting portfolio positions, clients must consider cost, reliability, reactivity and upside potential, an expert panel has said.

Investors can prepare to rebalance in a quickly repricing market by using convertible bonds and credit default swaps, Cheyne Capital Management president and director of research Stuart Fiertz said.

RACV Healesville Country Club,, VIC, Australia

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