pbiAR: Absolute Return + Alpha/b/i is a hedge fund magazine founded in 2009. The magazine has its editorial offices in New York City./ph2History and profile/h2piAbsolute Return + Alpha/i was launched in September 2009, as a subsidiary of financial publisher a href=/pages/w/Euromoney Institutional Investor/a. iAR/i was formed when two magazines, iAlpha/i and iAbsolute Return/i, were combined. The magazine publishes both online and print content. Its main focus is the hedge fund industry and its 3,500 fund managers, but the magazine also covers significant financial events and global research. The magazine features hedge fund rankings according to a href=/pages/w/assets under management/a rankings, an annual ranking of the 25 highest paid hedge fund managers, and monthly tables of U.S. hedge fund performance data./p

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