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to settle (a dispute between two people or groups) after hearing the arguments and opinions of both

to submit or refer for decision to an arbiter

adjudge,adjudicate,decide,determine,judge,referee,rule (on),settle,umpire

Moodys latest claims against Worth along with the claims from Moodys earlier suit over Stehlings fortune.

, More legal spats erupt between Taco Cabana founders heir and financial adviser, 7 June 2019

, Uber filed a motion to compel alleged sexual assault victims to settle some claims under arbitration, 15 May 2018

claims individually, but federal Judge Edward Chen has repeatedly refused to enforce these agreements and allowed class actions to proceed.

, Silicon Valleys Supreme Salvation, 26 Sep. 2018

Uber has specifically attempted to compel the nine women who first called on Uber to waive arbitration after filing a class-action suit against the company to

, Uber filed a motion to compel alleged sexual assault victims to settle some claims under arbitration, 15 May 2018

and approved by huge real estate monoliths is increasingly becoming the reality of retail.

, Not even shopping locally can save your favorite mom-and-pop the problem is much, much bigger than that., 21 Nov. 2018

New Prime argued that Mr. Oliveira was required to

, Supreme Court to Weigh Workers Right to Sue Their Employers, 24 Oct. 2018

Trumps decision to bypass the World Trade Organization, set up to

tariff and other trade disputes, risks causing other nations to retaliate with protectionist measures that could damage the world economy.

, Trump brings chaos to G7 with trade threats and praise for Russia and then backs out of joint agreement, 10 June 2018

Under the terms of her employment, disputes like hers must be

privately, rather than in civil court, Hadas said.

, Methuen woman fired for off-duty marijuana use files arbitration claim, 28 June 2018

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1588, in the meaning defined attransitive sense 3

borrowed from Latinarbitrtus, past participle ofarbitrrto consider, judge, decide, verbal derivative ofarbitr-, arbiteronlooker,arbiter

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