The European Commission closely monitors the price situation and markets developments for agricultural commodities and food and publishes various reports throughout the year.

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A commodity monthly price dashboard for a few of the most representative agricultural products and consumer food prices at EU and world level.

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Monthly EU agriculture products prices in excel format, for the most representative products, as notified by Member States.

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A Short-term outlook for the arable crop, meat and dairy markets in the European Union is published three times per year (in February, June and September). It is based on reflections of market experts within the Directorate General for Agriculture and Rural Development of the European Commission, using the latest data available.

A Medium-term outlook with the prospects for agricultural markets and income for the next decade is published once a year (generally in December). The outlook consists of a set of market and sector income prospects elaborated on the basis of specific assumptions regarding macroeconomic conditions, the agricultural and trade policy environment, weather conditions and international market developments.

Specific analysis on the evolution of the World and EU agricultural markets are prepared every year and published in the form of Agricultural MarketsBriefs.

Improving price transparency represents a key issue for the functioning of the food supply chain.